About Us

Who are we ?

Shri Balaji Jan Kalyan Sewa Samiti is a volunteer organization, registered under Chhattisgarh Societies registration Act 1973(44). The core and executive members of the organization committed to contribute for betterment and quality of life of a poor and marginalized people of the society. In connection with the aforesaid goal the society is having following key objectives –

  • Vocational & skill training & development for livelihood promotion.
  • Promotion of language, art-craft, education & culture of areas that differ in terms of bio-diversity.
  • Awareness programs on promoting health standards and hygiene. services Provide unbiased quality healthcare to the needy patient population of the state.
  • Enhancing Women, Child and Adolescent girl health and Nutrition.
  • Advocacy for social justice and social welfare.
  • Environment and bio-diversity conservation with the GO GREEN Concept.
  • Imparting high quality of education in strengthening the pillars of the nation.
  • Formation & standardization of disaster management & rescue team in context to life saving concerns.
  • Provide & mange health centers for the suffering population & help promote health & nutrition services to the entire society.
  • Establish an association to look after the physically/mentally challenged, disabled, handicapped, homeless children/adults, old-age home thereby,
  • Providing them with the required tools & support for carrying out their objective.
  • Establish appropriate linkage between state intervention & voluntary efforts in the field of alcoholism & substance prevention.

We & our community are consistently working on above sectors, so that the society gets benefited and the life of common people gets improved. We are having a chain of people who are helping our foundation for the welfare, supporting us in this social cause. We will serve weaker section of community either in healthcare or in education part. We would serve health & education services equally in rural & urban population.

What We Do?

Shri Balaji Jan Kalyan Sewa Samiti initiated its humanitarian journey of uplifting lives & serving humanity in Central India since 2015 till date, focusing on alleviating poverty and social exclusion. The path was structured through well-planned and comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods, disaster management and crisis response. We also focus on generating and sharing knowledge with diverse stakeholders to influence sustainable impact at scale. Our prime focus is the empowerment of women and girls from poor and marginalized communities, leading to improvement in their lives and livelihoods. Al-together, Shri Balaji Jan Kalyan Sewa Samiti aims in enriching lives & believes walking an extra mile for the goodwill of humanity.

How will your contribution be used?

  • Educational kits with our creative learning audio-visual tools will be provided to government-run schools and angawadis.
  • Radio programmes will broadcast educational messages to children who do not have access to schools, hence bringing the learnings of schools to their homes.
  • Teacher training will empower educators to integrate technology as a supplementary teaching tool, hence raising the standard of education for an entire generation of children at the school.
  • Fun and educational digital games and mobile-based applications will supplement learning and improve educational outcomes.
  • Mobile community viewing programmes will empower children to be agents of change.

Our Initiatives

  • We provide free treatment for the poorest of the poor population.
  • We have allotted a charitable ward for those hailing from poor socio-economical background.
  • We provide free dialysis for 10 patient’s dialysis on a daily basis.
  • We organize FREE Health Check-up Camps along with Medicine Distribution even in the remote & unreached population of Chhattisgarh state.
  • We offer free education for the students hailing from poor socio-economic background in the branch of nursing, para-medical & other healthcare fields.

Our Mission & Vision

To support the continued improvement of education & health of the widespread population of the state through philanthropic innovations & charitable resources. And To be a leading authority in education & healthcare philanthropy & a principle pioneer for Society based educational upliftment& health promotions.